4 Hidden Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

weight loss plateau hidden factors genetix program tampa lose weightAre you among the frustrated contingent who have been working hard to lose weight but seem to have hit an unbreachable wall? If so, don’t lose hope. There could be hidden factors at play that are getting in the way of you reaching your goals. Read on to find out if any of these could be the culprit in your weight loss plateau.

1. Low-calorie vs. nutrition-focused diet

“All calories are not created equal.” If you choose low-calorie, processed foods instead of nutrient-dense foods you could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts and undermining your health in the process. Whole foods will provide your body with what it needs and help the needle on the scale start moving in the downward direction again.

2. Blood sugar imbalance

Carbohydrates are converted into glucose (sugar)  in the body. When too much glucose is present, the body turns the excess glucose into FAT. Overconsumption of carbohydrates also causes a “sugar high”, which is inevitably followed by a crash. The crash turns into rebound carbohydrate cravings and the vicious cycle keeps the body perpetually off balance.

The way to combat this cycle is to eliminate simple carbohydrates like white sugar and white flour, and instead eat a balance of complex carbohydrates—vegetables, whole grains and legumes—along with an adequate amount of protein and even some healthy fats.

3. Hormones! Hormones! Hormones!

When your hormones are out of whack—and so many of ours are due to stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, and aging—it will throw you off your weight loss game faster than you can say cortisol. Prolonged physical and/or emotional stress leads to increased cortisol production, which causes the body to store excess fat around the belly (No!) and slows down the metabolism (double whammy).

Estrogen and testosterone imbalances both can make it almost impossible to lose weight despite your best efforts. Have your doctor check your hormone levels to make sure you aren’t being tripped up by your own endocrine system.

4. Not enough sleep

A study published in Sleep Medicine Reviews showed that even partial sleep loss leads to a deregulation of appetite control and can even increase your risk for obesity and diabetes.1

Sleep deprivation affects leptin and ghrelin levels. (Again with the hormones!) Leptin is responsible for telling your body to stop eating while ghrelin, which is produced in the stomach, does the opposite; ghrelin stimulates hunger. Lack of sleep tends to increase ghrelin, which stimulates the appetite. Make sure to get adequate rest to help keep your appetite under control.

If you suspect that one or more of these hidden factors are hampering your weight loss efforts, talk to your doctor or your weight loss coach for help with eliminating these weight loss stumbling blocks.

At Genetix Program, our team of doctors, certified coaches/trainers and nutritionists can help you make healthier lifestyle choices through daily phone coaching. You can do it and we can help!

Author: Stephanie West

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