5 Tips to reduce cravings

5 tips to reducec ravings weight lossCravings…

The moment of truth has arrived and the question is will you win the day?

Cravings are a part of the every day challenges you will face when making a real commitment to getting and staying in the best shape of your life. So how do you deal with cravings and keep your sanity? Try some of these helpful tips to keep your cravings from getting the best of you.

1) Eat fruit for breakfast
An all natural choice to start your day off right is fruits. Fruits will help to reduce cravings by allowing you to fill up as much as you like and reap the benefits of their life breathing vitamins and nutrients. This will keep you from turning to other early morning temptations such as greasy bacon or sugary cereals.

2) Get more rest
Catch more zzz’s at night, this can help keep you from running on empty, which will then result in added cravings as a solution to the absence of rest. You’ll sleep better, wake up refreshed and be more focused about preventing bad habits from returning.

3) Eat more often in small amounts
Starving yourself is a great way to stir up your appetite and welcome cravings, so take time to eat smaller, healthy meals more frequently throughout the day to keep your body happy and reduce the chance of sneaky cravings from forming.

4) Plan to win
Your body has a mind of its own so meet it on the battle field with a plan of action and come prepared with your healthy habits. Your plan could consist of prepping meals and snacks ahead of time so you know there is always a meal waiting rather than relying on your tinted windows to reduce the chance someone might notice you pulling up a local fast window.

5) Indulge now and then
Don’t go cold turkey, find a way to taper down your cravings by having a taste of what you crave every now and then. This is key so that you don’t feel deprived from life’s simple pleasures and start to build up the monster inside that eventually will find a way out. Eat something tasty in smart moderation and allow your self the peace of mind that comes when you can find a happy balance of healthy habits and taming your cravings.

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