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About the Genetix Program

About the Genetix Program
Our passion, your journey.
We proudly bring the knowledge of professionals in health to you.
What is Genetix Program?

Genetix Program is a revolutionary health improvement program created by medical doctors that provides all natural weight loss. Since 2004, the Genetix Program has been helping people everywhere improve and maintain their health by professional guidance in nutrition and weight loss.

The entire program is based on behavior modification and is implemented by daily phone coaching. Each individual on the program is helped by their coach who helps keep them motivated, educated and focused on their goals every day. Genetix Program coaches are backed by a team of experts which include medical doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, and many other health and wellness professionals.
Professional health counselors
Experts working together for you:
Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer
Support Network
Support Network
Daily commitment

Each client speaks with their coach EVERYDAY as well as has access to a physician and dietitian whenever they request. Since no two people are the same we value each client's uniqueness and work to customize the right approach for them in order to improve the chances of long term success.

All progress is monitored, charted, and referenced constantly to diagnose what metabolic type each individual possesses. This is structured as so to determine what foods, exercises, and stress factors affect an individual the most.

Daily guidance

The people approach

Many programs and products in existance take a systematic approach meaning they rely on products or automated software in which the client must manage. With Genetix Program you'll speak with a real person every day.

Proven success

Genetix Program delivers one of the highest standards of support in existence and we aim to help clients reach their goals or a healthy normal BMI. Each Coach works with their clients to help them develop healthier habits and an understanding of how they can actually make being healthy a lifestyle effort and not just a quick diet.
All natural health guidance

The food that is consumed during the diet is normal everyday food that can be purchased at any grocery store but is high in nutritional value and low in fat and processed ingredients. In addition, Genetix Program now also offers our food product for purchase, however these are optional, not madatory.

The right combination of these foods according to the client's metabolic rate and biochemical profile is determined by a team of doctors and is planned for you. The goal is to maintain high energy but low calories.

Get with the Program today

There is no doubt that the results always speak for themselves and our many clients everywhere know this well. No matter where you are on the map, Genetix Program is ideal for anyone as you can participate no matter where you live or time zone.

Your journey awaits, take the next step.

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Healthy foods
Now its time to experience it for yourself.

The first step to success is having a plan. Interesting as it may be the hard part is not actually creating a plan but sticking to it.

Genetix Program is highly based on having an educated approach to weight loss and health. Our experts specialize in tracking and helping you plan your program to best fit your needs and lifestyle.

Our team will be your guides, your motivators and your friends.

Our approach teams you with a 'human' expert who is committed to building a valuable connection with you along your journey.

Its time you get your life back, its time to Get With The Program!

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