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The American Heart
Association says telephone
coaching weight loss
programs are as effective
as in-person coaching.

The environment we live in presents constant
challenges and temptations that deter us from
living at our healthiest. Genetix Program is the
global daily force for good, helping people
everywhere make healthy choices and lifestyle
changes through telephone coaching.
us map overweight over years
We are the present and the future

The effort to remain healthy and active is often easier said than done. Genetix Program solves that problem by being available to anyone, anywhere. By speaking with each client every day, Coaches keep clients educated, motivated, and accountable every step of the way.

Recently, the American Heart Association asserted that weight loss programs delivered by health coaches over the phone are just as effective as one-on-one, in-person coaching.

Lawrence J. Appel M.D. M.P.H, lead researcher and professor of medicine, epdemiology and international health at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, MD, said "Programs delivered by telephone with website back-up could be the wave of the future in addressing a variety of heart disease risk factors or managing chronic conditions".

Genetix Program has researched and perfected our methods of daily phone coaching for over a decade, improving the lives of people nationally and internationally.

Founded and established by physicians, Genetix Program is an
impressive organization made up of professional wellness experts
committed to helping each and every client succeed.

As one program after another comes and goes, Genetix Program
stands fast as a rare gem in an industry flooded with gimmicks,
pyramid schemes, and harmful alternatives.

Our all-natural methods help people improve their lives.
Clients come to us from around the world. Genetix Program is a key component in changing the lives of people everywhere.
family happy improved lives
counselor phone helping lose weight
Genetix Program is THE weight loss solution.

Although there are many other weight loss programs, products,
and gadgets out there, there is only one method powerful
enough to change a person's life forever.

As the result of our daily support, education, and motivation, clients make a
lasting lifestyle transition through changing their eating habits and psychology.
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