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Alana Scheitler
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Location: Colorado, USA
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Alana finds her passion in the concept of human health through nutrition. She studied and earned her Bachelor's Degree in Integrative Human Physiology at the University of Colorado in 2007. She has also spent time working alongside stress and exercise professionals as well as community wellness teams to research the roles of diet and fitness within our society.

Alana studied through the extensive Genetix Program counselor training and earned a role on our team of experienced nutrition counselors in 2012. She has found that a supportive approach to counseling and nutrition education helps her clients achieve the healthy weight loss that they're looking for!

She currently counsels clients all over the United States and has had success in changing lifestyles and helping every client lose weight.

My Philosophy

I've always loved to help people, so aiding my Genetix Program clients to make healthy decisions and realize weight loss goals always brings me joy! My mission: improving health and happiness through better food and nutrition. As a counselor, I work hard for my clients and believe in a supportive personalized approach to teaching lifestyle changes that last.

Helping people discover the energy and vitality that come along with making healthy decisions is easily the most rewarding part of my job as a counselor. With a heavy emphasis on food and entertainment in our modern society, I understand firsthand how easy it can be to find oneself "living to eat" versus "eating to live". Health is a lifelong journey so there is no reason to wait! I believe that you're worth it!
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