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Genetix Program is the solution to our nation's growing obesity epidemic.

78-million American adults are now medically classified as having a disease according to the American Medical Association.

This designation was made after physicians
overwhelmingly voted to label obesity as a
disease that requires prevention and a range of interventions.

Ahead of the curve for over a decade, Genetix Program has been at the forefront of developing the tools necessary to help clients change their habits and lifestyles to ensure long-term, sustainable weight loss.

Established by physicians, Genetix Program has perfected the science and is the weight loss program of the present and of the future.

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Truly effective weight loss that reaches millions.

Genetix Program has joined forces with the medical community in order to provide a
long-term solution for the millions of Americans who are obese.

Genetix Program's proven approach has changed lives all over the world. Physicians can now partner with Genetix Program to offer their patients an affordable weight loss solution.

With the Affordable Care Act coming in to effect in 2014, insurance companies will be required to cover treatment for weight loss. Physicians now have the opportunity to partner with Genetix Program, a medically proven solution, to provide this affordable medical weight loss treatment to their patients.

Working with a Genetix Program Coach while monitored by their physician, patients are provided the daily motivation and accountability necessary to change their lives.

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