Are weight loss apps effective?

do weight loss apps workAre weight loss apps effective?

Most of the women I know, including myself, have used a weight loss app at some point in their never-ending quest to lose weight and keep it off. My personal experience was that after a few weeks of diligent calorie-entering every time a morsel of food crossed my lips I got tired of spending the time to enter calories and exercise. Especially when it came to entering a meal like a homemade casserole, which combines several different food types. Estimating the percentages of the different ingredients in the casserole ate up (no pun intended) valuable time that I felt could have been better spent doing other things. Almost any other thing. It would have been helpful to have someone to help me figure that out.

Then came the shameful “cheat” days. On those days when I went off the rails and ate way too much, the thought of entering all those calories was daunting. I found myself avoiding the reality of the situation by neglecting to update the app that day.

And after awhile I just plain lost the motivation to keep up with the app. At this point, when my own mind was busy working against me, I needed support to bolster my motivation and to remind me of why I started this weight loss journey to begin with. But I wasn’t accountable to anyone other than myself, so what was the point really?

Another weight loss attempt bites the dust.

So I was not at all surprised when I read about the recent study from the University of Massachusetts Medical School(1) which found that most of the 30 most popular weight loss apps failed to help motivate people to stick to their weight loss program. Another overall shortcoming was the apps’ inability to address behavioral issues such as stress eating, irregular meals, and negative thinking. No kidding!

Effective and lasting weight loss requires a change in behavior. Sticking to that new behavior requires accountability to someone other than yourself. The apps that are available currently can’t provide you that motivation and accountability, but a real, live person can. And that’s what the Genetix Program does best.

Change your lifestyle with the Genetix Program. Our team of doctors, certified counselors/trainers and nutritionists can support you in achieving these goals with behavior modification. You can do it and we can help!


Author: Stephanie West

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