Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

avoid holiday weight gainDon’t “fall back” on your weight loss goals.

Fall is definitely here! Time for the beautiful foliage color changes, the crisper cool weather, and the beginning of the official Holiday Season. Time when goals of getting back in shape, or staying in shape, can tend to lose their priority. Fall also starts the football season. Everyone knows football teams and their coaches have a calculated plan for success. Weight loss during the Holiday Season should have a calculated plan, too! Here at Genetix Program we have some helpful guidelines to assist you in maintaining (and even continuing to lose) your weight

1) Try to plan ahead
When invited to a party, bring a dish that everyone can share. Fruit bowls or fabulous salads instead of candy or cookies are appreciated by everyone!

2) Never go to a party hungry
Eat a healthy snack such as low-fat yogurt or a protein bar, so that when you are met with hor d’oeuvres they will not tempt you.

3) Drink plenty of water
Sometimes your body cannot tell the difference between hunger and thirst. By staying hydrated, you won’t be as hungry and it will be easier to make better choices. Also, holiday foods tend to be prepared with lots of extra sodium. Drinking plenty of water will help avoid some of the effects of too much salt in the food.

4) Cook with less fat, salt, and sugar
Many recipes call for way too much fat, salt, and sugar. Believe it or not, cutting these items by ½ in a recipe leaves the recipe still tasting fabulous and you will save everyone tons of calories to boot!

5) Be in charge of your portions
Choose a smaller size plate to put your food selection on. Don’t go back for seconds!

6) Avoid the sauces, gravies, and dressings
Consider putting small tastes of each on the side. Also avoid the cream, fat laden gravy, and meat drippings. Avoid the fried foods.

7) Consider alcohol in moderation
Limit your alcoholic beverages to one or two at the most and avoid the high-fat alcohol choices like the eggnog or mixed creamy drinks. Stick to better choices like wine, or light beer. You can carry a glass in your hand to be social, but consider the calorie–free choices such as unsweetened tea, or sparkling water with a lemon or lime. No one will know it’s not a gin and tonic!

8) Say “NO” politely
So often people push eating, eating, eating. Say something like “Thank—you, everything is so wonderful, but I have had enough for now…”

9) Be Social!
Remember, the Holidays are a time to be thankful for friends and family—a time to be grateful for all the wonderful people and things we are blessed to share. Focus your energy on making conversation, instead of focusing on food.

Author: R. Terry Raphael

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