Benefits of a positive mindset

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We all know that in order to reduce our weight we need take in less calories and move our bodies more. However, there is another component that few folks take into account when embarking on a weight loss journey, and that is their mindset.

Too often folks start their journey wanting to look better, feel better, and be healthier, but because they have been unsuccessful in the past, they have lingering doubts in the back of their minds, that end up sabotaging their success. Such as, “I’ll give this a try, even though nothing else has worked in the past”, or “I *hope* this will work for me”, or “I’m never good at _________” or “I *always* ______” (fill in the blanks). These are just the kinds of thoughts (and much more) that keep us from the goals and success that we truly desire.

Okay. So, what do we do? First, whatever has happened in the past is in the past, and has no bearing on what you do today, unless you let it, so let it go. Today is a new day!

Next, you have to believe in yourself whole heartedly. You have to “know” you can do this! Not “hope” you can do this, but “know” you can do this.

Also, be kind to yourself. If you mess up or stray off course a little bit, don’t beat yourself up. Most of us would never consider talking to our best friends or children the way we talk to ourselves, and if it’s not okay to others like that, then it’s certainly not okay to talk to ourselves in that manner.

Which leads to the next point…..lose the “perfectionist” mindset. Nobody, and I mean nobody ever does everything perfectly. Therefore, to strive for perfection is to set yourself up for failure. The real goal should be to strive for “your” personal best. There will always be challenging days, life is just like that, but as long as you know you have given your personal best, you can still feel great about your efforts!

Making the commitment to have a healthy lifestyle is one of the most positive things you can do for yourself, and the only way to ensure your success is to maintain a positive mindset. No real, significant, or lasting change has ever happened within a negative mind. It’s absolutely impossible to create positive change with negative thoughts.

There are lots of other techniques to help promote a positive mindset that we will touch on in future articles, but until then, keep those positive thoughts flowing!

Until next time!

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