The Truth Behind Body By Vi

The Truth Behind Body By Vi

hulk hogan body by vi another endorsmentHere at  Genetix Program we have gotten a lot of inquiries from clients regarding the truth about the multi-level marketing company, ViSalus, and their new shake product Body By Vi. Everything from the shake’s ingredients to the validity of the entire company as a whole has been placed under the microscope to give consumers a better insight of what they are actually doing with their time and money.

Through the research that we have conducted in the past year as the Body By Vi popularity has grown, we have gathered information to help our counselors and clients gain a better understanding of what we call the newest “diet fad”. However, in order to report a truly UNBIASED account of the information we realized that we needed a professional opinion from an accredited third party medical professional as well as inside information from a person inside the organization. So that’s EXACTLY what we did.

1. Our Research on Body By Vi Shakes

Problem. They advertise the Vi-Pak as “all natural”—it is not.



Glycerin inhibits the absorption of nutrients, which the capsules are made of. Research has shown that vitamins like this do not allow your body to absorb all of the nutrients. So, why would Body By Vi use it? Because it is cheap to make.

Soybean oil

It sounds healthy, but, in fact, it is genetically engineered, and creates numerous problems for the body. It inhibits the absorption of minerals, particularly iron, and is loaded with goitrogens that cause the thyroid to slow down. Even the drug manufacturers tell you not to use ANY soy when taking Synthroid because it interferes with the action of the drug; it’s that potent of a problem.

Titanium Dioxide

Is that natural? I’m pretty sure it is white paint. Head over to an art store and look on a paint can. Look at the ingredients and you will find Titanium Dioxide.
Pharmaceutical glaze — an alcohol-based solution of various types of food grade shellac. It is also known colloquially in the manufacturing world as beetle juice due to shellac’s derivation from the lac insect Kerria lacca (which is not a beetle, but a scale insect).

Trans Fat

Each of the “super charged antioxidants” contain 355 milligrams of the TRANS FAT – Magnesium Stearate. You’ll find 39.5 milligrams of TRANS FAT. in the anti-aging pill, and another 80.21 in the Omega Vitals Magnesium Stearate – is a trans fat. It inhibits the absorption of nutrients, by as much as 80%. They do not put it into the pill for your health. It is in there to make it easier for them to make it, sacrificing quality for cost. It is also a known carcinogen. Add to that the fact that they use 20,000 psi pressure to squeeze the pills into a form. This high pressure generates a lot of heat that alters the pill contents.

A lot of people look at all of the hype around the company right now, and they don’t take the time to do their research. Yes, there are some people making money right now. In fact, they expect Body By Vi to do almost $80 million in sales this year. Not bad, right? That is a lot of money. Unfortunately, I will point out that their target demographic seems to be opportunity hoppers that have the more “lottery ticket” mentality. While I will not say that Body By Vi is a scam, I will say that I expect it to come and go, and the top earners are just going to jump into another company and build up the hype.

In the end, Body By Vi is exactly what Wikipedia calls them an MLM – Multi Level Marketing Company a.k.a a pyramid scheme, selling a product of little or no value so that ignorant and, yes, desperate, people will sell it while the upper-level presidents and executives get rich until the entire thing collapses.

2. Third Party Medical Professional

Dr. Michael Haley is an expert in the field of organic medicine and nutritional supplementation. He is the owner of Stockton Aloe 1, a company that provides Raw Aloe Vera Gel. Dr. Haley also owns and sees patients at Agape Chiropractic in Pompano Beach Florida. Furthermore, he is a Senior Vice President Mission Marketer for Beyond Organic. He offers his opinion on ViSalus and the entire Body By Vi Challenge.

“When it comes to supplements, I have seen this particular scam one too many times. I hope this video explanation helps put a stop to it. I am certainly not against supplements. What I am against is telling lies to mislead potential customers.”


0:00 Introduction
1:50 DVD Presentation Review (listen closely for the scam)
3:02 The deception is explained
7:14 Who to NOT get nutrition advice from

3. Inside the ViSalus/Body By Vi Organization

Mary Lee Lucas is a former ViSalus/Body By Vi employee that gave her opinion about the company and its product. We have also included her own mother’s very touching response to her daughter’s opinionated article.

“I am personally writing to you, maryleelucas blog follower’s, to give you my personal reason’s for leaving ViSalus Body By Vi. I have, up to this point, been very quiet about my decision.

I like many others was a religious follower of the “hype”. Everyone was either taking ViSalus, at minimum had heard about it. It seemed like the “dream come true” for me for a year. I personally grew tired of the Rally (cult) calls and didn’t fully understand why my upline was being so insistent that my team be on these. Seemed odd for me that my entire team had never received any guidance or help from above, yet the burden was apparently placed upon our shoulder’s to make them climb the rank’s! It didn’t take long before I realized that the rich were getting richer and everyone from presidential down were sitting still. I was soon stuck with my very own $572/mth BMW payment! I personally spoke with my upline seeking advice and was asked that I not return my car to a certain dealership as she didn’t want that to affect “her” business! Yes, that was the type of “help” alway’s given. This was one of the biggest clue’s that I was not part of the company I was told I was in. Many promises were made to me personally, visions of the greener grass, smoke and mirrors as I call them (to be more accurate) as long as I “followed the system”.

A couple month’s into 2012 I was told that my attendance was expected at a meeting with one of my 2 star ambassador’s. I stayed the course and followed the direction placed upon me and met with him for dinner. A very small group of “follower’s” attended to hear the gospel from the upline. There was something odd about part of the conversation that night that has never left me. Perhaps that was where I had been enlightened, my extensive research started very shortly after that meeting. I asked a question about the main component of ViSalus, the shakes, being from Canada it seemed odd to me that we were still (after months of telling us 30-60 days) only able to receive the US product’s (at a much higher cost for Canadians). The answer was shocking to me coming from someone that was a self proclaimed “good buddy” of the CEO in ViSalus. With laughter (and I quote) I was told to “keep those Canadian product’s, they will make a good science project one day, not good for anything else”. Excuse me?! I was frustrated, confused, doubting the very belief I had put so much of my time, energy, family into.

With due diligence I HAD to get to the bottom of such a comment! THIS is where the entire picture became very clear for me personally. The following statement’s are my very own personal opinion, belief’s and personal experiences. I started my research by diligently looking over EVERY ingredient in the “nutritional” shake. This was the “core” of the 2 star’s comment, so this seemed like the perfect place to start. It didn’t take me long to discover a horrifying fact, SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE was tested, researched, and proven medically to be the cause of long term health issues!

Protein is an important natural compound needed by the body, and both children and adults need this in order to build good muscles and repair bad tissues. Protein is such a popular natural compound in fact, that athletes and health buffs now include protein powders as part of their daily diet. Protein may be sourced from whey, egg and soy. Of these three, the most interesting source is soy, as it provides two forms of soy protein for consumption: soy protein concentrate and soy protein isolate. Of these two, people must be wary of the risks in ingesting soy protein isolate.

Soy Protein Isolate Dangers

The American Dietetic Association warns the public that soy protein isolate contains certain anti-nutrients that may cause the body to experience delay in digesting food and in effect, a delay in absorbing nutrients.

Further, the following effects may result from ingesting soy protein isolate:

Truth in offers information on monosodium glutamate (MSG), a hidden ingredient used in the processing of soy protein isolate. It includes a link to “Industry Data and Monosodium Glutamate Toxicity” by Adrienne Samuels, Ph.D. The article cites soy producers’ use of processed free glutamic acid, a component of MSG, hidden in the list of ingredients of food products, including soy protein isolate, as a serious health concern contributing to problems such as cardiac irregularities.

Additional Risks

Fallon and Enig also state that genistein, an isoflavone in soybeans, may have a negative effect on the development or worsening of breast cancer. Goitrogens contained in soy affect thyroid function, while the phytic acid content can block the absorption of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc—a mineral essential to the functioning of the nervous system. Their article also addresses the questionable relationship between osteoporosis prevention and soy, due to the product’s interference with calcium absorption and its lack of vitamin D.

I was horrified! Imagine, finding out the the business you had put so much of yourself into was not what you had been “trained” it was. Could this explain the odd comment said to me?! This was a moment of truth for me personally. I had a life altering decision to make, could I continue on with a better then average income, in exchange for the information I had now been given?

I decided that for me personally, my integrity was NOT for sale! I could in no way trade promoting a product that can cause these health issues for a pay check. I in turn left ViSalus. I have done more than my fair share of research now and have made the conscious decision to promote a product that is 100% all natural! I will not put the health of my family, friends and client’s at risk. I understand that money talks for most people, but for me, my moral compass is far to strong.

I have endured compliance letter’s threatening legal action if I say ANYTHING regarding the dangers of soy isolate in reference to ViSalus. I have had negative, personal attacks from “ambassadors” on my personal page, I have had numerous comment’s made about me on friend’s personal pages. This was all just clarification to me that I had certainly made the right decision in leaving this company.

I have since experienced personal research indicating that in CANADA, the product’s being shipped are not health Canada approved..certainly I will be finding out if these allegations are true or not. The alway’s heard about M2B, could this be nothing more then a marketing tactic for the last installment for payment to Blythe industries rather than any form of recognition regarding health? It is my personal opinion that yes, it is a hidden agenda, but you can research that on your own as well.

It is my personal opinion and experience that this company bares no responsibility for it’s less then mediocre product just to turn a buck! I would personally do my own research before considering becoming involved in ANY company that has soy isolate as an ingredient. I am ashamed to say that I played a part in promoting a product that has more than potential of making people very sick.
I have paid my dues since leaving the company I was involved in. I have to live with the fact that I was a willing participant in feeding this product to my children, my ill mother, nursing moms, my friends, my clients. I know I made the right decision and hope that my followers will understand who I am and why I couldn’t promote this anymore. I know that with my decision, I can finally sleep better knowing that my integrity and character are very much intact!”

Nancy Cable June 9, 2012 at 12:41 pm

We always wonder if, as Mother’s, we have made all the right decisions in teaching our children to be good, honest and morally responsible adults. From the moment of conception, the love we feel for the child inside of us, that will be half of us, is such that it changes our whole way of life; panic, anxiety and horror at the mere thought that it’s a dirty world in which we live. We need to equip our children as they grow with the tools to become the very best that they can be.

To give back to our planet and its inhabitants ten times more than we take away. I feel that I have done this; there have been a few bumps along the way, nothing worth accomplishing is ever without the bangs and bruises that make our feats rise up and make us proud. My daughters have made me so proud! They have both gone years and years beyond my own borders! Mary, your integrity, your care for your fellow man, as well as your love and protectiveness of your own family, have shown me that I excelled in giving you such a wonderful sense of who you are, and where you are going in your life. I wish to honor your integrity; the intense study of the product that could affect so many in the length and overall enjoyment of their lives. I thank you for not taking the easy road; instead, confronting head on the shame that this company should be feeling for creating and marketing a product that is not what we believe it to be. Shame on you Visalus. Mary, you make me proud!

By the way, these thoughts and words are my own. As a believer and former consumer of the Body by Vi product, I no longer will be duped by a company that has no morals or integrity. They have sold this product to me, knowing it to have an unhealthy and dangerous ingredient. Signed, Nancy Cable


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