Celebrity Weight Loss Lies. Featuring Tori Spelling

tori spelling starvation dietTori Spelling lied about how she lost weight. No kidding.

Tori Spelling recently admitted in her book, Spelling It Like It Is, that she lied to US Weekly about how she lost weight. She didn’t lose it by eating a “healthy” diet of fish, veggies, soups, and “sensible” snacks like rice cakes, edamame, hummus, and avocado like she claimed.

What she actually did is basically starve herself. She calls it the “Just Keep Your F—ing Mouth Shut and Eat Air diet”.

I think it is great to hear a celebrity actually tell the truth about the drastic measures they take to lose weight and make themselves camera ready. Because we are bombarded by Photoshopped photos of celebrities in magazines and, consciously or not, we internalize the message that we should look like that. Even though they don’t even really look like that!

And we are sold diets based on the celebrity that is getting paid to promote them. Do we all really believe that Jennifer Hudson lost all that weight by eating prepackaged frozen meals? Really? There wasn’t a personal chef and a personal trainer to help that along? Riiightt…

It is unrealistic to hold the average person up to the standards set by the fashion industry and Hollywood. For the models that say, “Oh I don’t exercise, I’m just naturally thin.”, it’s  bet there’s most likely an eating disorder or speed pills lurking behind there.

So, I applaud Tori Spelling for telling the truth. Losing weight the right way takes time and effort. You don’t just drop 45 pounds overnight. Unless, of course, you want to starve yourself on the “Just Keep Your F—ing Mouth Shut and Eat Air diet”. That’s healthy! (Not.) And torturous. Definitely.

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Author: Stephanie West

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