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Your appointed Coach is more than just a person
who picks up the phone, your Coach is there to
provide support and motivation every day.
Genetix Program Coaches are experience and trained
in a variety of health and wellness backgrounds.
Doctors Medical Doctors

Mental Health Specialists Mental Health Care
Life Coaches Life Coaches

Registered Nurses Registered Nurses
Psychiatrists Psychiatrists

Nutritionists Dietitians /
Personal Trainers Personal Trainers

Yoga and Pilates Instructors Yoga and Pilates Instructors
Our Coaches use their experience and drive for helping others to serve
you in your goals.

We know your time and effort is important and that is why we train and prepare our Coaches to be at their best for you.

We believe a person-to-person effort is key in truly unlocking a lifestyle transition so you can make long term improvements in your health.

Over 63% of Americans are
considered overweight.
Our Coaches are
committed to combating
this growing statistic.

There seems to be no way to win
the battle against obesity. With the
'quick fix' gimmicks and paid celebrity
endorsements, what path should
you take?

The human approach of one-on-one
attention can be a huge factor in your
success. This is why we take great
pride in coaching each of our clients
rather than other methods.

Overweight/Obesity in America
Obesity Chart
motivation from weight loss coach
Our Coaches are driven by their natural passion and expertise to help make a difference in the lives of their clients.
Real results
There is nothing more exciting than
being able to offer our support to our
clients so they can pursue positive
changes in their health and wellness.

At Genetix Program we connect with
people everyday to be a voice of
inspiration and a source of knowledge
and we are excited to team up with you.

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Genetix Program is the next evolution in how people are losing weight, and living a healthier lifestyle.

We invite you to be apart of our 'Make The Promise' movement. Say no to the gizmos, trend diets, celebrity promotions and boxed foods.

We have a vision for a healthier world and invite you to help spread the word.

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Are you a passionate health and fitness expert? Would you like to make your own schedule and help people anywhere live healthier lives?

If so, Genetix Program is the perfect fit for you. We are always looking for professional Coaches and we'd like you to be apart of our powerful network of health experts.

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Professional Counselors

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