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With so few 'effective' health and wellness options available to employees in the workforce, the nation's health is suffering.

Promote company camaraderie and a healthy workplace with the Genetix Program, now at 20% off with promo code CDGX2.
Is your job keeping you from
controlling your weight & health?
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From breakfast goodies, employee birthdays, fast food lunches, vending machine snacks
and happy hour get togethers, the workplace has a great impact on your health.
Just a littlehere and a little there can add up fast and you'll be scratching your head
as to how it all happened.

Staying focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle is much easier said than done. This is why the Genetix Program has worked for so many people. Our Counselors will guide you everyday on how to eat better as well as keep you focused and motivated until you reach your goals. Don't go at it another day alone, get started with the Genetix Program today!
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