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Corporate Wellness in the palm of your employee's hand.
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billions in poor health care

Employee illness and unhealthiness contributes to rising costs for your company. Unwell, unhealthy workers cost companies billions, annually. This stems from declines in employee productivity and rising health care costs.

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Genetix Program tracks your employees' progress. Other wellness programs put the burden on the employee.

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ninety five percent success rate

We have been helping people lose weight and experience better health for over 10 years. Genetix Program has a 95% success rate at helping clients develop long lasting results.

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Over 68% of adults are overweight
and over 35% are obese

Over the past few decades, the country has been faced with a growing obesity epidemic.

These individuals comprise a majority of our workforce. Poor health and habits directly contribute to your company's rising health costs.

As years pass, businesses are required to make strategic decisions about their futures. The time to take action with Corporate Wellness is now.

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  • obesity 1986
  • obesity 1994
  • obesity 2002
  • obesity 2009
ama declears obesity desease genetix AMA and leading physicians have now declared obesity a disease

Our nation has been struggling with an ever worsening
obesity epidemic for several decades. As of June 18, 2013
The American Medical Association has declared that over
78 million American adults ... Learn more >
aha phone coaching genetix program AHA states "Phone coaching is the
wave of the future"

The AHA states "Programs delivered by telephone with
website back-up could be the wave of the future in
addressing a variety of heart disease risk factors or managing
chronic conditions"... Learn more >
If you're ignoring the issues, you're ignoring the impact.
expensive costs of healthcare
success story shirley weight loss
"Being accountable to someone as well as to myself is
key to producing results. In less than 2 months, I have
lowered my blood pressure from 140/90 to 102/74.
My resting heart rate has dropped and so has my
pant size by almost 2 sizes."
- Shirley L.
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* Studies, statistics and data shown are a sourced from the following organizations and institutions: Duke University, Mayo Clinic Health Solutions and the Center for Disease Control.
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