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Corporate Wellness in the palm of your employee's hand.
A phone call with the same Coach every day.
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Wellness every day for every employee.

The success of a company is contigent upon its individual people and their health and wellness. Genetix Program focuses on each individual. People are the driving force behind the success, productivity, and culture of an organization. Genetix Program positions people for success, which translates to success for the whole company.

Genetix Program Coaches work with each individual, providing employers with the peace of mind that each employee is staying on track, wherever they are. These results are reflected in lower health care costs, improved company morale, and more productive employees.

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Each employee speaks with the same Coach daily for
motivation, education and support.

Genetix Program pairs people with people. No pills or
do-it-yourself gimmicks. Genetix Program Coaches provide
one-on-one support for every employee, every day.

Genetix Program Coaches are a friendly, supportive voice that truly cares about the emotions, goals , and long-term success of the employee.

Phone calls last an average of a few minutes and employees may call as often as they wish.

Through daily interaction on the telephone, the employee perception of wellness in the workplace improves. What was once dull and uninteresting has become an inspirational process resulting in a unique bond between Coach and employee.

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Genetix Program is a versatile wellness program that can be tailored to help a wide range of people from any
location, no matter their habits, schedules, or medical backgrounds.
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Each person in your organization has a unique lifestyle, habits, and beliefs. Genetix Program Coaches help employees overcome obstacles such as busy schedules, periods of stress, emotional challenges, and varied interests and activity levels.

Coaches become a trusted and valued friend in the lives of participants.

Through one-on-one daily communication, employees will appreciate the benefit of Genetix Program Corporate Wellness, which treats them as a valued individual.
Genetix Program Corporate Wellness
brings the power of our medical team
to the employee.
Founded by physicians, Genetix Program has been helping people from across the country and around the world improve their lives since 2003. Every client receives an unprecedented level of support at all times. Genetix Program stands high above the competition, delivering a success rate of over 95%.

Clients are provided the guidance and experience of their own wellness Coach, as well as the backing of and access to our team of wellness professionals, which includes doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, nurses, life coaches and more.
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Achieving good health is a lifestyle.

Genetix Program Corporate Wellness motivates employees every step of the way along their journey. Employees can earn gift cards as recognition of their individual or even group progress.

Coaches remind employees daily of the rewards and reinforce the benefits and value of continued dedication to achieving and maintaining good health.

Through constant communication and support, employees are focused on being:

- Accountable about their habits
- Positive about company culture
- Productive and innovative
- Dedicated to long-term health and careers
Online Tracking tools and reports to monitor
your Corporate Wellness.

The key to any wellness program is achieving results.
Genetix Program Coaches take care of monitoring and tracking each employee's progress on their behalf, so employees can be free
to live their lives and are not hassled with collecting data.
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An employee's progress is essential to the company's
bottom line. Monitoring the results is key to
understanding how the investment in
Corporate Wellness is paying dividends.

Our team provides your organization with progress
reports of each employee on a weekly and monthly
basis. These results clearly display how employees
are benefiting and who is participating.

Our goal is to help mitigate health care costs and improve employee productivity in your organization.
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"...From the moment I'd started I could tell this was the
right move. My consultant, Katie, was super responsive,
highly knowledgeable and friendly and her confidence that
I would reach my goals quickly and be proud of the results
boosted my own confidence..."
- Aaron Montgomery
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