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Say goodbye to your weight,
not your time and money.

Is improving your health cost effective? Compared to the costs of not improving your health, it most certainly is.

Getting healthier doesn't have to be a struggle or a burden on your finances, that is why we are proud to make our daily phone coaching affordable and customized for anyone.
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We are here to help you
reduce the weight, not your bank account.
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Say NO to surgeries

Say NO to risky surgeries.

There is no doubt that surgery is among the most risky of weight loss options.

Don't risk your health with painful and often- irreversible surgery.
Say NO to pills

Say NO to
dangerous pills.

The next 'miracle' pill is
yet again calling your
name. The dangers of these often unregulated drugs can leave
permanent damage
in their wake.
Say NO to celebrity promotions

Say NO to paid

If a celebrity says it works, it must work ...right? We should all question the truthfulness of celebrities' PAID claims of results.
Say NO to microwave diet food

Say NO to bland
boxed dinners.

Straight from the 'chef's' kitchen to you—it's your next sodium-laden, tiny frozen meal!

Genetix Program clients enjoy the freedom of healthy foods from your local grocery store or with our optional foods.
Genetix Program professionals

Say YES to results by health experts.

Your Coach is there to listen and learn each day of your journey. All you need is a phone and a few minutes a day to review, plan and get motivated about achieving your health goals.

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