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Danie Jones
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Branch Owner: Tampa, Florida
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Coach Recognition:

As I look back, the most influential people in my life were my coaches. They pushed me and guided me to be a better person and athlete. They picked me up when I fell.

From a very young age I was a driven athlete. I excelled both athletically and academically. I attended Tulane University in New Orleans, LA where I played Division 1 Basketball on a full scholarship and even had a taste of pro ball for a couple of years. I graduated with a 3.4GPA in Sports Administration and a minor in Business.

I have been a personal trainer for 24 years and a private gym owner for 13 years and have coached various sports for the past 24 years. Being on both sides of the coaching fence I have true compassion for both the players giving their all and the coaches that motivate them along the way. As a Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer the missing piece has been nutrition. The Genetix Program allows me to put the big picture together for my clients.

My Philosophy

My career path has always been that of an educator, caretaker and motivator. It's what I do naturally to help people succeed. If you know the how and why and it makes sense you have a better chance of success.

Fitness, like nutrition, are both a journey…not a destination! You can always run faster, jump higher, lift more and prefect your nutrition to allow for the best quality of life possible.
Genetix Program Success Stories
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Client Testimonials
amy stone success client
Success So Far:
- 38 pounds gone
- 21 inches gone
- Broken free from addiction to Diet Coke
- Power in knowing the next goal is only a matter of time

Thank you God for leading me to this program, and to Danie, my coach!
- Amy Stone
jossely success client weight loss
Can I just say that I am so happy with my overall feel of my body?! :) I can just feel myself a lot lighter and thinner in some areas. I lost my muffin top! Well, almost. I can feel the arch on my lower back again. Finally. Lol sorry I don't mean to be so graphic.

My thighs need more work but diet and strength training will help and I'm not planning on quitting. I can feel more of my real face and I'm not so cheeky when I smile. I don't regret getting into this program at all! Thanks for your support I seriously can't believe I haven't been eating sugary foods or soda. What a huge turnaround for me! It's also helped me stay constant at the gym :) it's just a good feeling, Im glad.
- Jossely Maness
jodie success client lose weight
Thank you Counselor Danie for helping me lose 11 pounds so far. I've learned new ways of eating healthy with this is great program!
- Jodi Martino
genetix fitness personal trainer

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