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Doreen Autar
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Counselor | Canada
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Doreen is a highly compassionate and dedicated lifestyle counselor with experience in mentoring people of all ages and backgrounds. Her love of dance and an active lifestyle led her to mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program where she was a strong advocate for children lacking proper guidance in their home life encouraging daily activity and balanced meals.

Later in life she created a small monthly group session for spouses of brain cancer patients. Experience had taught her that spouses of cancer patients often neglect their own needs for years not realizing the detrimental effect to their own health. Doreen's husband fought and lost a 2 year battle with cancer and passed away at the young age of 29, it wasn't until months later when she finally realized the effect the past 2 years had had on her body. She had gained 35 lbs and was in the worst physical shape of her life.

At her monthly group session she not only gave support but received it as well and it was with this and a determined attitude that Doreen went on to lose 25lbs in 8 months. She learned lifelong lessons not only on proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles but also on the importance of emotional well being and self healing.

Doreen's life experience has given her a new perspective on people and their daily struggles committing her to their success.

My Philosophy
I strongly believe that there are many hidden factors that lead to unhealthy lifestyles. You could be a busy mom, have a hectic and demanding career or, like myself, gone through a tragic event. By the time I
realized I needed to make a change I felt overwhelmed and wasn't sure where to begin. It is my goal to help you determine the changes we need to make and to fully support the new you. You are not alone; it is together we make the steps to a healthier and attainable future.
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