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Dr. Nina Elliott DO
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Branch Owner: Pennsylvania, USA
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My reasons for trying the Genetix Program were two fold. The first is obvious. Like most people, I wasn't happy with my weight, and had tried different strategies to lose--and keep off--that weight. The second, as I was approaching fifty, it was becoming more important in my mind. I realized by learning the nutritional side of food and being armed with that knowledge, I could maintain my health now, and far into the future.

As an Emergency Medicine Physician, I take care of people on a daily basis who's health has been adversely affected by obesity. For me, it was a daily wake up call of what could be in store if I didn't take the steps now to make some changes in my lifestyle. Fortunately, the Genetix Program found me and its been a great partnership ever since.

My Philosophy

Now, as a Branch Owner, I look forward to sharing that knowledge and experience with my clients. More importantly, I can truthfully say I've been through the program--and it works!

If you are willing to make a commitment to yourself to achieve weight loss and better health, then I encourage you to try the Genetix Program. You will soon learn that YOU have the power to change your life for the better. Genetix will provide the support, education and encouragement you will need to truly succeed in your weight loss journey!

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