Easy Indoor Workout for Winter Months

indoor workout genetix programWinter is upon us, in full force it seems, for everywhere but Florida (though it DID hit 45 degrees earlier this week so, we totally feel your pain in the Northern states.) ;-)

It’s a fairly common occurrence that when it gets cold outside, we tend to be a little more lax in our workout routines. Yeah, yeah, I get it… it’s too much work to defrost your car to get to the gym for an hour, and it’s WAY too cold out to go for that jog. And, unless you’re part of the Polar Bear Club, swimming laps is out of the question.
Well guess what? I have a solution for you.

What if I told you that you can use everyday household objects to give you a REALLY decent workout without having to leave your house or hire a babysitter?  Even better…this works for beginners as well as for more advanced exercisers, so, NO EXCUSES.

I’m going to give you a fairly basic, full-body routine to use for these chilly months.

1. Warm Up: It’s simple. Start by walking in place. I’d do this in front of some music videos on TV to keep a good rhythm going.

And voilà! You’ve effectively warmed your muscles enough to get started on your workout.  I apologize if you witnessed any twerking in the music videos.

2. Squats: EVERYBODY loooooves squats, yes? No? Well either way, they’re an excellent core-stabilizing exercise that you can do in a couple of different ways to either emphasize your hamstrings and glutes, or your quads (the big ol’ muscles on your front thighs.)

3. Bicep Curls: You don’t own free-weights, you say?  Well, I bet with the cold weather, you’re pretty stocked up on cans of soup. These also work as light-weight dumbbells. So do this with your soup cans.

Again, start with your feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, head up.

4. Couch Dips: Yep, I’m about to tell you to use your couch for more than just movie-viewing and popcorn-eating.

If you can do 30 reps, that’s great. You’re dipping your whole body weight so this is a really good workout for your triceps. For extra oomph, place one of your heels on top of the other foot; it “adds weight” to your workout.

5. Supermans.. Supermen?: Maybe I don’t know how to properly pluralize this, but this exercise will leave you feeling like a super-hero, eventually.

Repeat this 30 times. Your lower back will thank you… eventually.

6. Sit-ups and a Game of Volley: As beloved as squats are, these are another extremely effective core-strengthening exercise that will help shape that 6-pack you’ve always wanted (and I’m not referring to Winter Lager).

Try repeating this 30 times.

7. The Calf-Raise Cool Down: By now, you likely have built up a decent sweat.  What better way to cool down than to open your front door and get a nice sub-zero blast of air? While you’re doing that, why not position yourself in the door jam, toes on the ledge, heels back as far as you can go. (Please hold on to the door-jam in case you lose your balance).

Do this 40 times. It’s only going to take about 2 minutes to get through 40, so I promise you will not freeze.

You can always do more reps, or use bigger soup cans if you want a more challenging workout. The point is, this takes away the excuse of not being able to get to the gym, at least while the blizzards are hitting your city.

Author: Rachel Eisner

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