Eat Like A Woman; Lose Weight

eat like a woman lose weight genetix program tampaWomen are different than men. We know that. But beyond the obvious physical differences, did you know that women process food differently than men? Women also produce hormones differently than men, which affects how we store fat and lose weight.

Any woman who has tried to lose weight with a male counterpoint can tell you how frustrating it is to watch their partner seem to shed pounds with ease while she works just as hard with much slower results. According to Staness Jonekos, author of “Eat Like a Woman“, this is at least partly due to the fact that women naturally make more cortisol, a hormone that is associated with increased belly fat.

Using gender-based data to identify weight-loss problems women encounter, Jonekos worked with Dr. Marjorie Jenkins, a sex and gender expert at the Laura W. Bush Institute of Women’s Health, to find ways for women to rework their nutrition for better physical and emotional well-being.

Jonekos says that women make less serotonin than men, so they’re two to three times more likely to suffer from depression. On top of that, tryptophan, which synthesizes serotonin, is absorbed better by men than women.

And the hits keep coming! Jonekos adds that women make more fat than men, are born with more fat, and women’s fat cells are five times larger than a man’s. Women store fat differently and digest fat differently.

Women even digest carbs and fats before their metabolism gets to proteins. And, because of their deeper limbic systems, women are more often emotional eaters.

All of this seems to add up to an unfairly stacked weight loss deck, but there are some things women can do to help beat our biology:

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Author: Stephanie West

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