Experts Say: Weight Loss Surgery May Lead To High Risk Pregnancy

bariatric surgery low birth weight

Bariatric surgery has always been tied to a multitude of physical and psychological side effects, but can it also be bad for your baby?

A new study shows that women who have had bariatric surgery recently are more likely to deliver high-risk premature babies commonly associated with low birth weight.

Statistical data, recently published in BMJ, studied 15,000 births that took place in Sweden between the years of 1992 and 2009, including about 2,500 among women who have had weight loss surgery.

After eliminating for factors that can complicate pregnancy such as age, smoking and others, the researchers found that 10 percent of children born to women who had undergone bariatric surgery were delivered prematurely, compared with 6 percent in the other group.

A similar pattern was found for low birth weight. Five percent of children born to mothers in the surgery group were small for their gestational age, compared with 3 percent in the other group.

It is unclear at this time the exact cause of the high risk pathology.  Researchers speculate that the trends could be caused by deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals, which occur after bariatric surgery and could affect fetal and placental growth.

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Author: Dr. Michael George

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