Facts You Should Know About Drinking Alcohol

alcohol facts genetix program‘Tis the season for overconsumption. Here are some things to keep in mind at your holiday parties.

Health Hazards:

Excessive alcohol intake contributes to obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, heart and liver disease, long and short-term memory are affected, as well as athletic performance.

Alcohol contributes to obesity:

In addition to alcohol being a high-calorie substance, it lessens the body’s ability to burn fat. Fat storage is promoted—particularly in the belly (hence the word “beer belly”)—a health danger zone. Alcohol can also stimulate the appetite.

Alcohol is potentially more harmful while dieting:

Blood sugar levels may drop with resultant fatigue and further impairment of concentration, reflexes and driving skills—and maybe even dieter’s resolve!

Women are more prone to alcohol’s ill effects due to their lower body weight, smaller livers, and lesser capacity to metabolize alcohol. As we age, our ability to handle alcohol decreases.


CHEERS….Have fun at your holiday parties and keep your weight loss and health goals in mind.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Author: Michelle Peters

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