FDA Moving to Ban ALL Trans Fats From Our Food Supply

FDA Bans Trans FatsThe other day, Terry Raphael wrote a blog on how you should say goodbye to trans fats.  Well guess what? You may not have a choice!

If you read her blog, you know that this shouldn’t anger you at all.

What’s happening is that the FDA is moving to ban ALL artificial trans fats from our food supply. This can only help to aid in preventing health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.

And, unlike what was said previously in the blog about trans fats, The FDA’s proposed ban will eliminate the loophole that allows manufacturers to label products as having no trans fat, or containing zero grams of trans fats, if they have less than half a gram.  In other words, If it says it has no trans fats, It will have NO trans fats—period!

The only thing left to happen after the ban is passed—and in this girl’s opinion it SHOULD be passed—is that there will be about 60 days to decide how quickly trans fats need to be eliminated from all foods.


Your favorite foods will most likely still exist. There are definitely healthy alternatives to make all food products equally as tasty as they were, with the added benefit of…you know…living longer.

Author: Rachel Eisner

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