Guide to Picking The Perfect Fruits and Veggies

fruits and veggies guide GENETIX

Here is a brief guide to help you pick the very best fruits and veggies at the grocery store.

Apricots, Peaches, Plums:  Fruit that is firm, with a taut, unblemished skin, and no signs of bruising or wrinkles.

Blackberries and Raspberries:  Plump, juicy berries with a shine (blackberries) or luster (raspberries), without any trace of mold or discoloration.

Cherries:  Fruit with a glossy sheen and deep, rich color.

Blueberries:  Plump, firm berries that aren’t shrunken or wrinkled. The color should be rich with a powdery white cast.

Strawberries:  Berries with a bright red color throughout and a healthy, green stem; size will vary depending on the variety.

Corn: Ears with husks that feel taut against full, well-defined kernels.  Take a peek at the kernels: they should be plump, not flat.

Summer Squash and Zucchini:  Small but heavy squash with a glossy skin.

Tomatoes: Plump tomatoes with fully developed color that yield to the touch without being mushy.

Green Beans:  Smaller beans, which are  typically most tender, and look for ones that are firm, with a slight sheen and no wrinkles.

Cucumbers:  Firm, rounded cukes, with bright to dark green skin. Avoid any with soft spots or shriveled ends. TIP:  Buy unwaxed cucumbers so you can eat the skin (full of fiber & Vitamins A & C).

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Author: Michelle Peters

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