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It's time to enjoy better health.

Stress, work, and time are pitted against us, making it difficult to stay motivated and focused on our health.

Genetix Program is a journey toward a new way of looking at your health, while utilizing medically proven strategies to help you trim down and maintain your weight.

No gimmicks, no surgeries,
no pills, no regrets.

Our professional weight loss and fitness Coaches are trained and experienced in guiding you to natural weight loss.

We utilize the power of one-on-one daily phone coaching to help people change their lives.
Health food
Cardiovascular health Cardiovascular
health and its
Our bodies are made to be active and energized. Our food selection is important in supporting our long-term cardiovascular health.
TimeTake time
to focus
on your health.
Being in good health can seem to be impossible with all the time we must dedicate to everything else in our schedules. Though challenging, maintaining your health through a smart meal plan is essential.
Mental healthMental health helps keep your mind sharp.
Your emotions, motivation, and focus are all linked to your health. Unlike pills or video workouts, Genetix Program Coaches are here to help you with the mental approach to your health.
SleepTake rest and
get adequate

Adequate sleep has significant benefits, allowing your body to recharge. Often overlooked, the value of a good night's rest for long-term health and weight loss cannot be overstated.

Planning your approach to
health is key.

Healthy eating

Due to hectic schedules, we
often find ourselves settling for the most convenient and quick food we can find.

Over time, these habits catches up
with us, causing us to gain pound after pound. Genetix Program teaches you to control your eating,
no matter how busy your schedule.

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An active body is a
healthy body.

Active lifestyle

Activity helps support a healthy lifestyle. Any added exercise is
always beneficial to a healthier
eating regimen.

Your coach is there to cheer you
on and becoming more active is a
great addition to your health
coaching with Genetix Program.

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Searching for tasty
recipes? Look no further.

Healthy meals

Eating like a rabbit for the rest of
your life is not the definition of
eating healthy. When you have a
craving for something delicious
where will you turn to?

Try some of our tasty recipes and
you'll see there really is plenty to
enjoy while living a healthier life.

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CounselorYou've got our
health professionals
on your side!

Breaking habits

The first step in improving bad eating habits is to admit that your current habits are not improving your health. From the most obvious to the often-overlooked details, our experts know how to help you make wiser choices.

We will help you over come challenges that may otherwise de-motivate you or cause you to lose focus on your goals. We know it is easier said than done but that is why we are there for you every single day.

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Health improves here

"...This program is built on a foundation of solid medical knowledge. There are no meetings to attend, you buy your own food at your own grocery store...

I highly recommend the genetix program."

Dr. Robert Supplee

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