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Tools for your success,
and best of all you can
leave the tracking to us!
From free phone apps, to journals,
calculators and more, the world is full of
do it yourself software. The question is,
who has the time?

Introducing the Genetix Program
Healthtrac software and mobile app.
Loaded with a wide variety of tools for
your success, you'll get access to this
amazing dashboard when you begin
your weight loss journey.

Your Coach will do all of the tracking for
you so you can start viewing your results
daily as you move closer to your goals!
Any device, any time, any where.
Access your Healthtrac dashboard from any device
including your tablet, smart phone or computer.

Your results will be there for your
review daily from day one.
Your Coach will help you travel the road to success.
Combined with your Genetix Program Coach and your Healthtrac,
you'll be ready to go into action and accomplish amazing success!

With your Healthtrac you can search and save hundreds of recipes, view your progress via
your calendar, track and set goals and so much more!
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