Hibernation in Winter

hibernation in winter genetix programWinter hasn’t officially started yet according to our calendars, but if you live in the Midwest or other northern states this year, it clearly feels like winter has begun.

This is the time of year when we just want to hibernate under a warm quilt and munch on some goodies while we sit around a warm fireplace. It’s not like the summer when you can go outside in the warmth of the sun and enjoy a walk or some other activity.  Our brains are not engaged in a project or a goal outdoors.  We stay indoors and become bored or watch television and feel bored, so we want to start munching on something to entertain ourselves.

I have had many clients ask me, “Why am I getting the munchies so much lately?”  Some of the reason is the weather and some of it is the season.

The beautiful Christmas season is when we spend a lot of time planning and preparing for parties and gatherings with friends and family.  What happens at most of these gatherings is…eating.  It is such a temptation to all of us. We are making dishes to share or we are faced with them when we get there.  Don’t panic!  Take each event one day at a time so it doesn’t overwhelm you.

You can balance each day and still make healthy eating choices. The key is to prepare your mind and prioritize what you want for your body.  You can persevere through all the parties by putting it into perspective.  Remember, it is about seeing friends and family and not about what you can or cannot eat.

Keep your attitude positive and make the healthy choices. Your body has an amazing regenerative ability, but the food you eat is what unlocks that power. Eating  junk food is like putting sand in your gas tank and wondering why your machine won’t run!

Stay positive and make your health a priority. When spring comes you will be happy that you didn’t hibernate and you won’t come out looking like a bear.

Author: Laurie Scheitler

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