Holiday Weight Loss Wisdom

Holiday Weight Loss WisdomWhen it comes to the Holidays, making good food choices can be challenging, at best!

Let’s face it… no one is “perfect” during the Holiday Season; everyone blows their “calorie budget” now and then.

Here at Genetix Program, we have some useful tips to “getting back on track” for any time of year.

The following is an example of a day of eating on the Genetix Program to get yourself back on track after overdoing it. We make it easy.

Have a sensible “light” breakfast; perhaps some fruit and  a yogurt.

Mid-morning, have another light snack such as another fruit, or a protein bar.

Eat sensibly for lunch such as a big salad, or a small entrée .

Snack “light” again for dinner and in the later part of the afternoon.

Getting back on track as soon as you can will help you continue your weight loss and wellness journey, and help to at least maintain your weight throughout the holiday season. This approach should help you minimize the damage without feeling deprived.

For more information on this subject, ask your Genetix Coach. Genetix Program’s team of doctors, certified coaches/trainers and nutritionists can help you make healthier lifestyle choices through daily phone coaching to achieve lasting weight loss. You can do it and we can help!

Author: R. Terry Raphael

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