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Holiday Success Plan
for Genetix Program Clients

Genetix right through the holidays. Was this really such a good idea? Are you fearful of losing your resolve? Use this guide to help stay on target while you celebrate the season.
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To eat or not to eat

Is it best to stay on the full fast and simply avoid food? Or should you use a modified plan that allows you to eat a little? Would it even work to stop Genetix for a couple of weeks?

Definitely a complicated question. Perhaps the risk of the modified plan seems too scary and might tempt you into unplanned eating.
On the other hand, being a superhero, determined to not eat any food at all may not make sense.

Consider how strong you feel going into the season. Look at your holiday stress level and how much you have scheduled during the weeks ahead. Think it through carefully.

Then decide on the Genetix option that seems to fit best. Be sure to consider your travel plans, anticipated holiday parties and the usual family gatherings. Be realistic about your situation. Trying to be too strong might result in a setup for failure.

Be honest about the reasons for your decision. Are you planning to stay on Genetix because of fear you will binge eat? Are you unconsciously punishing yourself for the patterns of previous holidays? By facing these issues you will improve your ability to stay on the plan you've chosen.
Genetix plan options during the holidays
holiday plan genetix program full
Full Genetix
holiday plan genetix program modified
Modified Genetix
holiday plan genetix program maintenance
What's at risk?

The One Tablespoon plan

If you can't bear the thought of going to your favorite gathering without eating any of the foods you love, consider this option.

Pick out three of the foods served that are "to die for" and eat one tablespoon of each. For instance, you might have a tablespoon each of mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie.

This small amount of food won't lower your ketosis enough to cause problems, and it might help you feel less deprived or
left out.
Remember the modified plan?

If you decide to eat at some of your holiday gatherings, staying within these guidelines will maintain your ketosis level.
Its all about meat and salad

Meat serving: Choose from any low-fat meats: lean beef or pork, skinless chicken or turkey, fish, including water-packed tuna. Use minimal oil in preparation. You may add salt, pepper, spices and herbs as desired.

Salad: Use 1-2 cups of any combination of salad greens.
You may add up to 1/4 cup of the following chopped vegetables: cucumbers, celery, onions, mushrooms, peppers, or radishes. Limit to 1 Tbs. higher carbohydrate vegetables, i.e. tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, or cauliflower.

You can alternate between the full fast and the modified plan options. Just follow the guidelines carefully and keep your protein level strong.
Its all about meat and salad

"Not just yet, I'm going to wait a little while." Repeat this phrase each time food is offered and you'll be amazed at how the pressure to eat will stop.

"I've already eaten." Or "I have to go to another event, so I plan to wait and eat there."

"My doctor said . . . " You can fill in the blank with anything that justifies your decision to remain on the Genetix Program.
Planning to Succeed

Don't get caught by the unexpected. Protect yourself by anticipating problems and planning strategies that will keep you from stumbling.
Exercise is not an option (Its a requirement)

genetix weight loss holiday season fitness

Strive for consistency with your exercise program during this holiday period. Regular activity, even walking, builds a sense of empowerment that translates to other areas of your life. Exercise also keeps your metabolism high and promotes stronger weight loss.

The Ten Minute Solution:
Tell yourself that you will exercise a minimum of ten minutes every day. This simple plan fits into even a hectic schedule without making you feel overwhelmed.
How to focus on everything but food
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Give more love

Practice giving extra love and attention to those around you. Be warmer, kinder, and more patient than you usually are this time of year. Don't tell anyone you are doing this, but secretly allow yourself to feel smug and satisfied by your actions.
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Observe and learn

Make a game out of watching people around you as they eat, drink, fight, complain, etc. Keep a mental journal of the lessons you learn from observing others. Watch for healthy role models who demonstrate positive styles of eating and managing food.
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Care for your real needs

Ask yourself over and over, "What do I really need?." Search for new ways to reward, nurture, or comfort yourself without using food.
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Talk to your Counselor

Remember your counselor is there to help you. It's up to you to use this wonderful tool to your benefit. And all you have to do is TALK. About food, about life, about the stress going on in your life, etc… It is a wonderful way to focus, relieve unwanted stress, see things from a different vantage point and hold yourself accountable.
7 Steps for managing an even
  • Put your diet drink or club soda in a festive wine glass.
  • Munch on celery when you are tempted to snack.
  • Stay out of the kitchen, away from the food smells and the bite-sized nibbles.
  • Arrive late, go home early. Longer stays can increase fatigue and decrease resolve.
  • Bring the salad. Don't risk low-fat cream cheese or Jello being the only options.
  • Consider using the "One tablespoon plan" to help you survive the big event.
  • Pace your eating so you finish at the same time as the last person at the table.
  • food tracking holidays genetix
    Food Tracking Exercise

    Do you ever wonder why certain foods cause such temptation for you? Use this exercise to trace the emotional connection and determine what you are truly searching for when you eat that food.
    Pick a favorite food that often causes problems or tempts you to overeat. Close your eyes. Thinking backward from the present, recall events or places where you have eaten this food.

    Keep tracking the food memories, noting the settings or emotional states involved when you have eaten the food. You might recall celebrations, certain friends, or lonely, isolated periods of your life.

    Continue your tracking by thinking of your childhood. Try to remember your earliest memories of eating this favorite food. Picture the scene in detail. Where are you? Who else is present? What are you feeling in the setting? Were you warm, comforted, happy, peaceful, safe, nurtured, or lonely? Was this memory associated with a time of grief or sadness? Perhaps you will recall a time period when your family was happier or more peaceful than usual.

    Identify one or two emotions that seem the strongest in this picture. Open your eyes and immediately write down your conclusions. Now consider your more recent memories associated with that food. Were the same emotional needs present in those situations? Finally, identify ways you could satisfy those emotional needs without reaching for food. You may find that by meeting the real need, you no longer crave the food item as before. By addressing the emotional need associated with a favorite food, you can decrease its power and become stronger in managing it.
    That wraps it up for our Holiday Success Plan, remember to make smart choices and most of all enjoy the fun and memorable moments of your holiday season.
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  • Works fine if you will not be involved in many social obligations
  • Requires strong planning and protection from high-risk settings
  • Allows you to eat a small serving of meat and a green salad once per day.
  • May be more realistic by giving you options for social gatherings.
  • Requires a careful food planning program that keeps your weight where it is.
  • Must be very determined to return to Genetix weight loss after the holidays are over.
  • Eating a little may cause you to want more.
  • Eating carbohydrate foods can lower your ketosis level, increasing hunger and food cravings.
  • You might be tempted to give up and say "Oh well, I'll start over later."
  • You might skip meals, hoping to save up calories. This increases the risk of overeating and can make you more tired and hungry.
  • You might go off the Genetix plan and have a difficult time returning to it. Minus guilt, but Adding weight Equals unhappiness in the long run.
  • Find out what's happening at events. Ask questions. Is this a sit-down dinner or is it a buffet? What's the approximate time the meal will be served? Is there an extended cocktail and appetizer hour?
  • Protect yourself from disasters. Assume that shopping trips will take twice as long as you actually planned. Always call your counselor when you can. Stop and rest before you get over tired. Keep up your fluids. Carry bottled water along when you are shopping or traveling.
  • Take control where you can. Say NO to something at least once a day. Practice this first if you need to. Try to keep yourself busy. Do everything you can possibly afford–from wrapping presents and cleaning to catering healthy meals.
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