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Let us inspire you, not just once a month
or once a week, but every day.
See how it works below
Join Genetix program for easy weight loss!
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Join gx program and lose weight today!
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You'll have an online profile and a calendar
to view your daily progress.
I'm ready to get serious about my long term health,
how do I get started?
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To get started today, call us toll free at:
855-436-3849 or
Sign Up Online.
Once you're all set up we provide you your own friendly and professional weight loss coach.
Speak with the same coach every day who will track your progress while creating a personalized menu that will work
for you.
Your coach supports you
daily and is there to be
your close advisor. You'll
have individual attention
and constant motivation
to keep you excited.
Get started
Genetix Program Counselor
Your Counselor will help track your progress
Reach your goals
Your coach works with you to develop better eating and lifestyle habits so you can be accountable and learn new ways of making better choices that will play a role in maintaining good health.

We handle everything for you

In today's fast paced world it can be very difficult to know what to do and know if
you have made significant progress. Your coach and our health experts will keep
an eye on your progress along your journey so you can enjoy your life.

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