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Why take
the journey?
wellness get started tampa fl
why tampa corporate wellness
Over their lifetimes, many Americans will make repeated failed attempts to lose weight and get healthier.
The facts show that without the daily support and accountability of a Coach, there is a higher than
90% chance you will weigh more than you do today by this time next year.
5 Reasons why you are not
achieving your health goals.
What do Americans spend their money
on annually, instead of on their health?
lose weight diet tampa angry
You're too impatient for the results to come.
When you find that you're not losing weight
at the rate you wish, you become frustrated.
tampa weight loss bored
You see your diet as a temporary fix,
not a lifestyle change, and inevitably return to
your old eating habits, thereby allowing the
weight to return.
pressure eating habits weight loss tampa
Your family and friends don't truly support you
and you often hear, "C'mon, it won't kill you to
have a few bites..." or, "Just this one time..."
Sound familiar?
lose weight watch diet
You "watch what you eat" during the week but
let loose on the weekends and then wonder
"Why am I not losing weight?"
weight loss tampa urgent
You don't feel a sense of urgency, and with each
passing year making your weight and health a
priority seems to get increasingly more difficult.
spend money weight loss tampa
Yes, it is true, as a nation we have been struggling for years
to keep our weight and health under control in an environment
that overwhelmingly tempts us to do otherwise.

The good news is that your Genetix Program Corporate Wellness
Coach is there to help you develop new, healthier habits.
And, over time, you'll still be able to have the foods and drinks
that you love, while maintaining your healthier weight.

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