Husband and wife weight loss team

weight loss testimonial couple husband wife genetix program tampa coach This husband and wife have lost a total of 67 pounds together!

Jennifer started on her weight loss journey after injuring herself and realizing that she wouldn’t be able to work out for a significant amount of time. She was already not comfortable with the number on her scale and was especially discouraged considering that the holidays were approaching. She sought the help of Genetix Program to teach her about nutrition so that she could live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight the right way.

In the process of losing weight she managed to reach Platinum level in the Humana Vitality wellness and rewards program through her company, and had her wellness story highlighted in the company newsletter.

Jennifer’s health Coach, Marg Short, taught her how to eat a proper balance of fruits, vegetables, breads, protein, nuts, and fats. She loved that she could eat all of those foods (including fruits and breads!) and still lose weight.

Jennifer lost 27 pounds in four months and is still going strong. She’s proud of her husband, Chris, for jumping on board to help her live a healthy lifestyle.

Chris joined Genetix Program after he saw Jennifer starting to have success and he has had great success of his own—40 pounds in three months!

Before starting with Genetix, he was unaware that he suffered from hypoglycemia. He learned that he needed to eat several smaller meals throughout the day, instead of the three big ones he had been eating, to avoid shakiness, dizziness, sweating and hunger.

Through making those changes on his weight loss journey he was able to sleep better and actually found that he had no idea what to do with all his newfound extra energy!

He has been on the maintenance program for the last two months and is enjoying that he can eat all the foods he wants while still taking care of himself.

Congratulations to this husband and wife team for choosing to live a healthier life together. Great work!

Author: Stephanie West

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