In Shape For Black Friday

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The Holiday Season has officially begun… ‘Tis the season to start that weight gain, right?

WRONG!! It’s mid-November right now, so hopefully, your kids (not you) have finished off or thrown away that Halloween candy (Or else prepare for my next blog, “How Halloween Ruined My Figure!”)

But just when you thought you were safe from all the sweets, here comes Thanksgiving approaching fast. UH-OH!

Look… I’m not going to tell you to watch what you eat on Thanksgiving, because let’s be real: We all know you’re going to eat ALLLLLL the turkey and ALLLLLL the stuffing and ALLLLLLLL the pumpkin pie.

And that’s just fine.

We’re all allowed a day or so where diet and overall nutrition just doesn’t exist, and Thanksgiving is the king of such days. So go ahead and enjoy yourself. But, you do NOT want to be dragging your feet on Black Friday. You need to be the fittest person out there to get the best deals. So let’s use those feast-foods to your advantage.

1. Stuffing- You ever hear that before a big event, athletes do what is called “carb loading?” The reason for this is carbs are your body’s first energy source in a workout, the slow release fueling you for the whole event.

2. Cranberry sauce and apple cider- These are simple carbs, and will re-energize you quickly, and help to keep you smiling when you have to muscle your way to the front of the line to grab that last 3D TV.

3. Pumpkin Pie- Just like the carbs are your first source of energy, fats go second.  So, if you have a piece with that graham cracker or pastry crust, know that you will be fueling your muscles for optimal bag-lifting.

4. Turkey- Obviously the main staple (or ham, or whatever your turkey substitute may be)—protein will help to repair your muscles after all the lifting of TVs, computers, iPads, couches, beds, (shoving other shoppers out of the way), etc.

Pay close attention to the workout in the diagram above so that you may optimize your shopping/workout experience—study it well to guarantee you will get to the BEST gifts FIRST!

Good luck , Black Friday soldiers.

Author: Rachel Eisner

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