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Janet Mertz
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Counselor | Colorado, USA
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Janet is a compassionate and energetic dietitian. She has an extensive background in weight management and making lifestyle changes. She received her Master of Science degree from the University of Nebraska and is also a Certified Diabetes Educator. In addition to her education, she has lost over 80 pounds and kept it off with her lifestyle of fitness and activity plus a healthy/balanced diet.

As a mother and a working mom, Janet has put her education into action by demonstrating to those around her how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into everyday activities. She and her son take Tae Kwon Do/Kick Boxing classes together and enjoy tennis, racquetball and weight training to name a few. Being active together is a great way to stay connected.

Janet has received extensive training and experience directly from our Genetix Program doctors and nutritionists. Her commitment to helping clients achieve and maintain their goals is what she is about.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is simple-to give clients a chance to make a change to a healthier 'them' by being compassionate, supporting them through the good and the bad and being there to help them maintain their healthier lifestyle. I believe that we are all able to make those changes if given the right tools and the right coach!
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Client Testimonials
Yiii Haaaahhhh! Can it be that my body is finally understanding that I am the boss?? I finally "get it" I have lost the weight!!! I have held this new goal weight for 2 days... Love it! Let's not stop here, I am not thin by any definition of the book, but can no longer think that I look short and dumpy when I see my reflection. I am a healthy looking 65 yr old! So, may I ask you to consult your book of charts and advise me as to the "healthy" range for 5'0 lady of my years?

I have not eaten rice since I started the 3 day detox, except for one day when my meal choice was sushi. Now I don't miss it any more. It is really nice to feel in control.
- D. Nooney

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