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Jenny Kirkpatrick
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Health & Lifestyle Coach | Florida, USA
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I have been passionate about nutrition for several years, but I have been passionate about cooking for even longer. I first began cooking while attending college at the University of Florida. Like many students, my meals early in my college career generally consisted of something that was grabbed on the go, delivered to my door, or emptied into a pot from a can or box.

By my sophomore year, I was carrying a little extra weight and tired of relying on other people to prepare my food. As I continue to learn more about food and how it works with our bodies, my passion for cooking has grown even stronger. Over the years I have taught myself how to eat healthy without sacrificing taste, and I love sharing tips with my clients.

My eagerness to learn more about nutrition increased substantially when I became pregnant in 2010. Not only was I then responsible for feeding my own body all the nutrients it needed, but I had a growing boy who was depending on me to give him the nutrients he needed to develop. By 2013, my interest in the health and wellness field had increased so much that I left my full-time job working for a financial firm to pursue other opportunities.

Later in 2013, I had the great privilege of working with a registered dietician who ultimately led me to the Genetix Program. I received extensive training from the Genetix Program during the certification process, and my nutritional knowledge continues to grow thanks to the wonderful resources and continued education that the Program provides.

My Philosophy

I truly believe that a healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen. I became a coach because I love food, and I want to teach others that they can eat great food and be healthy at the same time. I understand how challenging it can be to work full time (whether in an office or as a stay-at-home parent) and put a fresh meal on the table for yourself, let alone a family with members who have varying schedules.

As a coach, I recognize the importance of learning to overcome these challenges and enjoy being a support system for people on their way to to a healthier and happier life.
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