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Katie Meyers
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Katie Meyers Genetix Program Weight Loss Coach
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Counselor | Pennsylvania, USA
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Client Testimonials
I'd tried lots of things to get rid of those last 5 lbs over the years from no carb diets, to prepared meals to weight watchers, and everything else in between. Every time I'd get frustrated from all the tracking and deprivation with no benefits, or at best very small, short-lived ones. What's worse is that last 5 lbs was quickly becoming that last 10 and then last 15 and so on.

When I discovered Genetix I was excited because finally rather than reading some "diet" in a health magazine or blog, this was an approach that would be customized for me with my goals and lifestyle in mind. Also, the daily check-ins would give me the support and accountability that the other programs lacked. From the moment I'd started I could tell this was the right move.

My consultant, Katie, was super responsive, highly knowledgeable and friendly and her confidence that I would reach my goals quickly and be proud of the results boosted my own confidence and made me eager to get started. The plan was simple to follow and the results were fast and encouraging. And, in less than two months I'd lost 17 lbs and reached a goal weight that I'd frankly never thought I'd see again. Thank you Katie and thank you Genetix!
- A. Montgomery

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