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Kristie Taylor
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Health & Lifestyle Coach | Florida, USA
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I love exercise and nutrition! Growing up my parents always had me enrolled in all kinds of sports and activities, from softball to competitive swimming. My Days consisted of waking up at 2am for a two hour swim workout. Then we would go straight into the gym for calostetics, weight training and nutritional lessons. I would then go to school. After school I would go back into the gym and pool for another 3hr workout. This became my life. I would travel up and down the east coast for swimming competitions.

Nothing felt better when I achieved my personal goals that were set for me. When I retired from swimming my body that was so structured started to change. I began to put on weight. I had added an additional 64lbs to my body. This was not healthy for me at all. I had to challenge myself to drop the weight and get back on track. Through proper guidance and education I lost all of the weight.

I have now recently become a mother, and there is nothing like baby weight. I have set my goals and have jumped into a new Journey. So I say to you let's get you started on your Journey! We can do this together.

My Philosophy

My goal is to share my experience and passion for weight loss and to teach everyone how to live within their lifestyle and still achieve their life changing goals.

I will provide you strong motivation and accountability through one on one counseling. Through hard work and dedication and not excepting defeat all of our goals are possible.
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