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Laura Peiffer
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Counselor | Michigan, USA
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"I have been through the weight loss cycle so many times for these couple years. I lost weight a lot but then regained all back again and again. Last month, I decided to join Genetix Program. I think it is a great program. It's a good idea to have someone to talk to and encourage you. I did not go through it by my own anymore. Laura gave me encouragement and motivation. Every time I want to eat something off the program, I would think about what I would tell her tomorrow.

I couldn't let her down. And, I feel great about myself and regain control of my life. In one month, I lost about 10 pounds already. It might not be a big number but I can feel my body getting smaller and toning up. The diet in the program is very moderate and realistic. It is easy to follow. I kept my cravings at bay very well. Thank you, Laura. I'm looking forward to seeing the better version of myself in the next few months."
- Sai J
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