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Laurie Scheitler
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Katie Meyers Genetix Program Weight Loss Coach
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Coach | Iowa, USA
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"I have struggled with weight my whole adult life and especially struggled losing weight after two pregnancies. I have tried many different diets, but found myself either quitting because it was too difficult to keep up with, or giving up because I wasn't seeing the results I felt like I should. After 6 months of struggling to lose the weight from my second pregnancy I was feeling discouraged and frustrated.

... In the first 30 days I lost more than 10 pounds, which helped me stay motivated, and in 4 months I lost a total of 31 pounds putting me exactly at the weight I was before any of my pregnancies. I, honestly, never thought I would see that number on the scale again. Not only did I lose it quickly, but it was also easy, especially because the foods I could buy at the grocery store AND feed to my family.

The support from my counselor, Laurie, was also a huge factor in my weight loss success. Having her to talk to daily really helped keep me motivated. I had a few life circumstances, including a death in the family, which would usually have resulted in me getting off track, and because of Laurie, I was able to work through the emotional time without turning to food. I loved this program so much that I am excited to start my journey as a Weight Loss Counselor/Coach and help other people meet their goals and feel better about themselves."
- Lori Weir
deb lose weight success genetix program
From the 1st day on the program my coach stressed how important "I" am. How I need to be persistent, perseverant, and to make a life style change. After talking with my counselor, I began the program very motivated to finally be doing something for myself. Now each day, I talk with her to gain insight into my struggles or to help me celebrate my successes. To date, she has guided me while losing 41 pounds in 4 months.

I am half way to reaching my goal. I think the most important things I have learned from my counselor would be that I am special, I need to come first, and nothing taste as good as knowing that you are on the right track to being healthy. I want to thank my counselor for being there when I need her, motivating me, and providing me with never-ending support.
I FEEL GOOD! My counselor is Laurie Scheitler. Thank you.
- Deb

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