Make Peace With Your Body

Make Peace with Your Body Genetix Program

Like any other skill, self-esteem must be practiced

The process of making peace with your body is a skill, and like any other skill, it has to be learned and then practiced, practiced, and practiced. As with any new habit, it gets easier and more intuitive with experience. When you’re truly at peace with yourself, you’ll find that you’re less prone to emotional eating and feel genuinely connected to yourself and your healthy lifestyle.

Start With a Little Self-Nurturing

A surefire way to start making peace with your body is through a little self-nurturing. Aim to give yourself at least 20 to 30 minutes of private time every day, and do something that makes you feel better in mind and body. It could be as simple as soaking in the tub after a grueling workout or putting lotion on your newly toned legs, or finding a quiet place to meditate or listen to your favorite music. Private time is one of the best ways to help you treat yourself, and feeling good will boost your chances of sticking to your program.

Get Active

Another tool that can help improve your body image is exercise. Being a couch potato breeds self-criticism. As soon as you get active, no matter what your size, you’ll begin feeling better about yourself, and eventually you’ll see results that will help you appreciate your body even more.

Come to terms with your feelings and don’t beat yourself up over situations you can’t control. Make peace with yourself and set yourself free!

Author: Laurie Scheitler

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