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Maria Dalzot, RD
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Health & Lifestyle Coach | Washington, USA
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I have always been interested in the powers of food. From healing medical conditions to boosting athletic performances, the functions of real food are endless. This fascination fueled my desire to study food and nutrition throughout my college career. After earning my Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in human nutrition and food science, I passed the registration exam to become a certified Registered Dietitian (RD).

During my practice as a RD, I have coached individuals on how to listen to internal signals of hunger and satiety, rather than using external cues to dictate their diet. By being mindful and in sync with your body, you not only have a better relationship with food, but also trust your body to be your innate calorie counter.

In addition to food and nutrition, living an active lifestyle is a major part of my life. I have been a competitive distance runner for 14 years and am sponsored by the trail shoe company, La Sportiva. As part of my running career, I have had many setbacks that have forced me to alter my plans and modify my goals. Sometimes –most of the time –life doesn't go as planned. Success is the ability to be flexible, adjust and have the tenacity to bounce back.

My Philosophy

I live my life by example, engaging in healthy lifestyle practices while still enjoying life to the fullest. My goal as a health coach is to share my drive for living a healthy and active lifestyle with others so that they can make educated dietary and lifestyle decisions that will directly impact the quality of their life.

I am a cheerleader, motivator and listener. I am an accessible resource to participants that they can count on. I am here to encourage you today to be better than you were yesterday.
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