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Michelle Peters
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Counselor | Florida, USA
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I have been a nutrition and fitness professional for almost 20 years, half of that time owning my own business which specialized in weight loss and wellness.

I have a degree in Nutritional Coaching and I am certified in recreational leadership, Personal training certified, Les Mills Group Fitness and spinning instructor certifications.

At one time in my life after having children, I struggled with losing weight. I was actually over 200 lbs and needed at least 50 lbs of weight loss so I've taken my own personal weight loss journey myself.

My Philosophy

The philosophy that I have embraced in my life is from a well known quote "Eat to live, not live to eat". Once I made that conscious mind and attitude change, I was successful at losing my unwanted pounds to keeping it off for over 25 years.

Making lifestyle changes and putting an emphasis on my happiness and not food became my mission and desire. I am passionate about a healthy & fit life not only for myself but for my family as well.

I look forward to changing lives and encouraging others to make the choice of losing weight with Genetix Program.
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I have felt defeated and unattractive for many years. I suffered debilitating migraines for many years and didn't weigh more than 100 pounds until my early 30's when I was given medications that were more successful at controlling the pain. Unfortunately they also brought on weight gain. I was never very athletic so exercise was not considered except to be a monkey on my back as something I knew would help, but didn't do. I have prayed for years that God would bless me with someone that could come along beside me and help me get healthy and stay that way. I did lose about thirty pounds back in 1990-2000, One trip on vacation to the beach and the only foods readily available being fatty and greasy, the weight was regained very quickly. So the monkey reclaimed its place on my back and years added up. Then one day I saw an ad for a different kind of weight loss program.

You wouldn't need to buy processed food and would have a personal counselor along with a medical doctor and dietitian. I could not use many foods that weight loss gurus had touted due to sensitivities, so when I saw that you would have professional help customized to your needs I was pretty excited! My husband agreed that I should go for it and that's when I was introduced to Michelle Peters. She has been that answer to my many prayers. I have lost 12 pounds in a little over a month and eating foods that agree with me. Being able to talk to her everyday and anytime I need, has been the difference I so needed! She's always ready to listen and be my cheerleader!

I have energy to begin moving my body and look forward to walking! That's a first! So I'm enjoying that peace of mind and spirit that comes from being obedient.That monkey has jumped off my back, never to return! My prayers were answered and now my pleasure is to walk in that provision! Thanks Michelle! Love, Laurie
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