MLM (Herbalife, Nu Skin) Stock Drops. FTC Crackdown on Deceptive Weight Loss Product Ads

mlm stock drop ftc weight loss productsMLM companies’ (Herbalife, Nu Skin) stock drops as FTC cracks down on deceptive ads for weight-loss products.

Regulators of various Federal agencies announced a unified plan to crack down on misleading advertisements for weight-loss products, including dietary supplements, food additives, and skin creams.

WHAT???  So putting skin cream on my salad wasn’t shedding away my pounds?  Those liars!

Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, Jessica Rich, discusses in a publically released statement the FTC plan of action or, “initiative against deceptive claims made by national marketers of fad weight-loss products,” the agency said.

The announcement had a rippling effect, almost immediately causing shares of popular MLM (multi-level marketing) companies Herbalife and Nu Skin Enterprises to plummet Friday.

Word on the street is that they are planning to change their ad slogans to, “Your weight will drop as fast as our stock did!” Take that FTC!

Shares of Nu Skin were down to a low of about 6.7% in mid-day trading Friday before eventually recovering some of the loss. The stock closed at $132.41, a drop of 4.1%.

“Herbalife has no reason to think any of its weight-management products will be the subject of the FTC’s January 7 press conference,”  Herbalife spokeswoman announced. “Herbalife uses sound science in choosing our products.”

When did we start calling One-potato Two-potato “sound science”?  But, hey, a girl’s gotta’ eat right?   Their CLIENTS DON’T… but whatever.

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Author: Dr. Michael George

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