My Weight Loss Success on Genetix Program

Lori K genetix program weight loss journey success storyHopeless is how I felt for so many years! I had so much to lose and never thought I could. I never had the mindset to lose weight and always wonder and wished I had it somehow!

Last winter I visited my dear friend, Linda and she looked FANTASTIC! She told me about Genetix. I really pondered if I could be successful with another program when I had failed at so many before.

I went online to the Genetix website and read about the 95% success rate! I knew I could be a part of that high percentage of people. Also talking with a coach everyday offered accountability which I knew I would need.

I started with Genetix February 28, 2013. Of course eating differently had it’s challenges but I knew I could be successful. I was learning how to eat “normal” food in correct portions and making healthy choices. Speaking with my coach, Laurie Scheitler., everyday gives me the opportunity to ask questions I have and receive excellent advice I use on my new journey, my life long journey.

I am so excited with the new me! I am in awe everyday of how I feel and look. Exercise has always been on my “black list” because it was so hard, it was easier to to be a “couch potato.” Now I have the energy and encouragement from my coach, Laurie, to get up and out and move! I always hated shopping because I had to wear the biggest size I could find. Now I have to try on sizes so I can figure out the size I am in.

Hopeless is how I felt, but with Genetix, hopeless is no more! I am continuing to work toward my goal and I know I will be one of those people representing the Genetix 95% success rate!

Author: Stephanie West

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