My Weight Loss Success on Genetix Program #2

Weight loss journey testimonial“I’m busy!” That is the excuse I would use all the time. The reason for why I wasn’t eating healthy, and why I was gaining weight. However, in my mind it wasn’t an excuse, I really was busy. I’m a teacher: I work 8 am- 4 pm everyday (sometimes later), and on top of that I have 3 meetings a week. I also coach High School Volleyball anywhere from 3-5 days a week, and sing in a local choir. I have lessons to plan, marking to finish, and reports to write. Don’t even get me started on the stress, and the “stress eating.” There are some who ask me: “how do you stay sane?” And there are some who say: “what’s the big deal? I work just as much as you” or “I have stresses too!” That’s great, it means you don’t have an excuse either. There are no reasons why you can’t lose the weight you want- especially with Genetix to help you.

In about two and a half months I was able to lose 20 lbs (151lbs to 131lbs)- with not a single day of working out. My coach (Marg Short) helps keep me on track by checking over my menu plan every day and giving me the tough love I need. It’s so easy to communicate with her because I can email, text, or call. If I’m feeling down, and want to “eat my feelings” I can text her, and receive help or feedback right away. Genetix gives you the information, and tools you need to be successful at your weight loss goals. The greatest part about Genetix is that I never feel deprived of yummy foods.

Now, I feel great and have way more energy. It has made me happier, and has given me the drive to fit the gym into my already busy schedule. I know there are people who are busier than me, or have stressful situations to deal with, but you have the choice: you can continue to use that as an excuse, or you can contact Genetix to help you out. Stop using excuses, you’re hurting no one but yourself.

Genetix Program’s team of doctors, certified coaches/trainers and nutritionists can help you make healthier lifestyle choices through daily phone coaching to achieve lasting weight loss. You can do it and we can help!

Author: Stephanie West

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