My Weight Loss Success on Genetix Program #3

Genetix journey testimonial weight lossI began the program on September 18, 2013, starting off at a weight of 253.5.

I began the program after trying many other weight loss programs. I’ve tried doing it on my own; I have tried specific diets (i.e. Atkins, weight watchers, etc.), and I have tried just working out. All of them failed.

After seeing how much Genetix helped a friend of my husbands, I decided to try it too. I wanted to lose weight for my health and because I was tired of being tired and achy all the time.  On September 17th, 2013, I spoke with Marg Short, and set up my start date for the 18th. My weight loss coach Marg Short started me on a three day specified program.

I lost 4 lbs. those first 3 days, I was so excited! Over the next few days, I started a new program designed specifically for me. By the time the second week was over, I had lost 5 lbs. By the 3rd, I was down 9.5 lbs. I am on week 4 now, and so far I have lost a total of 15 lbs.

I couldn’t have done it without Marg’s help. Even though I have had a lot of stuff hit hard the past two weeks in my personal life, she has continuously encouraged me to achieve my goal.

Just today, October 16, 2013, I went to the gym and was able to get on the treadmill for an hour doing the fat burning program on it. I can’t even remember the last time I did a full hour without getting tired and winded. What a huge difference 15lbs has made! I have much more energy than I did before; I sleep better at night, and am more focused during the day!

Currently I am in school full time, and having more energy is definitely helping with my studies, and keeping me focused. My goal weight is set for 135, and I firmly believe that without Marg’s help there wouldn’t be a possibility of me achieving it, but with her help and encouragement, I have no doubt I will be there in no time. Genetix is working for me, and I would fully encourage anyone who has had trouble losing weight in the past to give it a shot, I guarantee you will be satisfied! Thanks Marg!

Author: Stephanie West

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