My Weight Loss Success on Genetix Program #4

journey weight loss testimonial genetix

My name is Jennifer and I am 41 years old and have been a client since September. My start was slow but after 3 months I have lost almost 22 pounds and look great.

Over the years I have tried different options to lose weight and have been successful but only to gain the weight back within a year. I have suffered from sleep apnea, CFS, DDD and arthritis for 12 years now and find it very hard to do regular exercise except walking even though I am extremely active.

Like most women I love food especially chocolate and have often over indulged but the program has allowed me to learn proper proportions and healthy eating but also that it is ok to have that treat but without doing it regularly or going overboard. I have fluctuated between sizes 4-12 for the past 10 years and am happy to say that I am comfortably now a size 3/4 and I feel confident that through my maintenance program that starts this week that I will be able to keep the weight off because even if I do go up a little I now have the knowledge and resources to easily go back down.

I am thankful to my program coach Marg because she always encourages me and pushes me forward when I need it most and she is always available to answer my call.

Author: Stephanie West

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