My Weight Loss Success on Genetix Program #5

journey testimony weight loss genetixI am thrilled to report that through the careful, patient guidance of Michelle, my nutrition coach, I was able to gain control of my health with many positive outcomes.

The first, and what I feel is the ultimately the most important; my blood work numbers from the physician. My numbers have reached levels that are conclusive evidence that this program works without the aid of drugs, just good old-fashioned hard work and focused behavior changes. My doctor has taken me off of my blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine, and lowered my need for certain vitamin intake. It is incredible to know that I feel better inside and out.

The second outcome of all of the collective efforts is that I look and feel terrific in clothes again. I can wear the latest trends and don’t feel like I am squished into an outfit. In my profession I need to move around a lot and fast (teach kindergarten), and the extra weight removed allows much more freedom of movement.

I had worked out daily prior to joining Genetix and meeting with Michelle (whom I can’t say enough good things about), and that regime just didn’t allow for the loss that I was looking for. By focusing on the food intake in conjunction with the physical activity I was able to lose 38 lbs.

I am thrilled. My whole family is enjoying better health as a result of my journey. I have learned how to cope with life in a new way, I now get to live that life I have [been] longing to enjoy. It’s fun and healthy to be at a more appropriate weight.

Good luck on your own journey. You can do this, and it is worth it!

Author: Stephanie West

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