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First of all let me start of by saying Whey protein is a great muscle-building supplement. But as with anything you put into your body, it’s very important to know the facts about whey protein. And fortunately, you’ll find that most of the facts about whey protein make it one of the best bodybuilding supplements on the market FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE.

Fact #1: Whey protein burns fat

Perhaps the most attractive quality about whey protein is that it helps people burn fat at an accelerated rate. The reason why whey protein helps bodybuilders burn fat is because it contains high amounts of calcium. After ingesting whey protein, the calcium prevents your body from storing high amounts of fat (the body typically stores large amounts of fat on low calcium diets). In addition to preventing fat storage, the calcium also promotes a breakdown of fat thus steering your body composition towards lean muscle.

Fact #2: Whey protein helps you take advantage of an anabolic window

After a workout, your body begins changing proteins and carbohydrates into muscle instead of fat. Unfortunately, this highly anabolic state shuts down after just 2 hours of activity. Seeing as how you have such a short amount of time to take advantage of this window, you want to maximize this time. Luckily, whey protein can help you take full advantage of this time period since it’s absorbed at a rapid pace. Once the whey protein is absorbed, it aids the body in changing proteins and carbs into muscle.

Fact #3: Whey protein helps digestion

Sure having better digestion isn’t as sexy as having a lean, sculpted body, but you’ll thank whey protein later on in life when you avoid digestion problems that plague others. Lactose, which is found in whey, turns into galacto-oligosaccharides that are used by intestinal bacteria. The intestinal bacteria are then better able to break down food and help your digestive tract.

Fact #4: Whey protein does not cause kidney damage

One of the worst myths regarding whey protein is that it somehow causes damage to the kidneys. But all of the whey protein users and potential users should be happy to know that no study has proven whey to be a kidney damager. Of course, you should always be careful with how much whey protein you ingest each day since any supplement can do harm when overused. Case in point, stick to the recommended servings of whey protein when you use it.

Fact #5: Excessive amounts of whey protein can cause dehydration

While most of the facts associated with whey protein are extremely beneficial, you do need to be careful with your intake as pointed out in fact #4. Failure to stick to the guidelines on whey protein packaging can lead to dehydration. Fortunately, this isn’t as serious as heart or kidney damage in the long-term, but it’s still no fun walking around with cottonmouth because you took too much whey protein.

Fact #6: Whey protein can prevent future illnesses

Besides helping athletes build muscle and burn fat, whey protein also enables people to ward off future illnesses and medical problems. Because of the fact that whey protein stabilizes blood sugar, it is very effective at preventing diabetes. Whey protein has also been linked to preventing prostate cancer and chronic periodontal disease. Aside from the physical diseases it helps prevent, whey battles depression too since it slows the production of the hormone cortisol and helps release serotonin (this is a calming neurotransmitter).

Fact #7: Whey protein is the most powerful muscle-building protein

While lots of proteins can help you pack on muscle and live a healthy lifestyle, no protein is as effective at building muscle as whey. When tested against other proteins, whey comes out on top in terms of its ability to be absorbed by the body quickly, how it’s used by the body, and how well the body retains whey protein.
This coupled with all of the other great facts about whey protein certainly make it worth a try next time you work out.

So you can see that if you are a bodybuilder and you are using whey protein as a supplement to your resistance routine you can expect great things. However, if you are a person that is finding an easier way to lose weight, just say NO WHEY. Whey protein is not a long term solution to weight loss and weight maintenance and should not be used as such.

Talk to your Genetix Counselor to see if whey protein can be used to help supplement your diet.

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